News Update

Grupong Magellan WA6GM / DX1M / VA3GMO body has passed a resolution last May 17, 2021 in Las Vegas Nevada, stating that there will be NO MEMBERSHIP FEES assessed in joining this group of friends NOR ANY FEES to use any of WA6GM owned repeaters across Grupong Magellan's C4FM network of networks.

Membership in WA6GM/DX1M will continue to be BY INVITATION ONLY!

Donations are most welcome but not necessary. We are currently applying for a 501 3C non-profit status which will take some time to complete.

We value your friendship, your views, your opinions as it is aligned with Grupong Magellan's core values!

73 & Mabuhay

Grupong Magellan WA6GM / DX1M / VA3GMO

A not-for-profit amateur (ham) radio group with high elevation digital C4FM repeaters and multiple Wires-x access points and nodes throughout USA, Canada, Philippines, Australia.

Brief History

Adapted from: Philippine Link - Grupong Magellan NEWSLETTER
(Vol. I * Series No. 01 * May 21, 2021) Publisher/Editor: Dinggol Araneta Divinagracia (N6MRD)

During the early 1990s, a group of FCC duly licensed amateur HAM radio operators of Filipino descent and residing in California, USA established the MAGELLAN AMATEUR RADIO REPEATER NETWORK (MagellanARRN) more popularly known today, as the "Grupong Magellan-WA6GM/DX1M". It was historically named after the famed "First Explorer" Ferdinand Magellan, a Portuguese who navigated the expedition from Spain to the archipelago in the far east now called the Philippines, our "Inang Bayan".

There were thirteen (13) charter members that included the four (4) founding fathers in the prime of their youth (who did not travel with Magellan in 1521), namely: KN6GB (Rod Garcia), N6YSU now WW6CP (Chito Pastor), WJ1P (Joel Pastor), and N6YTB now KR6SY (Richard Sy).

The other nine (9) charter members were: KC5NMO (DocBabes); N6UBC (Dino); KC6ACI (Herb); N6YSX (Joven); KC6MQL (Mark); N6YSY (Mariel); KD6DWE (Marissa); N6YSW (Rica); and N6YTA (Rolando).


At Grupong Magellan, we are a group of radio amateur enthusiasts who are dedicated in promoting camaraderie, partnerships, unity, service to fellow hams and the improvement of today's amateur digital communications technology.


To introduce, encourage, develop and 'pass the torch' to the new aspiring hams into the new world of Digital Amateur Radio.

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